It’s a fact that most farm animals like to stay close to each other. There’s safety in numbers, you know, especially when the creatures happen to be chicken. However, there comes a time when one of them breaks the normal and surprises everyone. This rooster did, and the reason behind it all is heartbreaking.

This rooster lived at the Apricot Lane Farms. At one point, Poodle Roo stopped sleeping at his usual coop. He would wander out into the night alone instead of gathering up with his fellows. The owners got tired of having to look for him every night. They had to do something about it. They had him spend a few days in the barn “to get himself together” before they sneaked him back into the coop at night. Next morning, they discovered something, the real reason behind Roo’s recent actions.

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Watch the clip here and witness Roo’s journey as he fought his “ghosts” trying to overcome his daunting challenge. Will he make it? You’ll find out in the end!

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