When a family went on an evening walk with friends, they came across a struggling, shivering sheep hopelessly stuck in a river. But no one could expect that the person who went immediately to rescue was the grandmother. The old lady never hesitated to throw herself into the river and swim to to rescue the poor sheep.

“Out on an evening walk with family and friends and came across a young sheep in the water in distress,” wrote a woman with the YouTube name “Soul Orchid,” in August 2016. The family was at the River Idle, which flows through the region of Nottinghamshire, England.

Funnily, the grandma wrote about what her family was planning to spend the evening altogether. “Let’s Pokemon they say. Let’s have a picnic they say. A gentle stroll even,” she joked.

Not this time, Pokemon fans. As they approached the river, the family noticed a lone sheep, struggling desperately to get up onto the riverbank.

“Hmm, I don’t think a Pikachu is round and fluffy!!” the grandma joked, seeing the distressed sheep across the water. “I may be a granny of 13 and my eyes aren’t the best, but I’m sure it’s supposed to be yellow and not say ‘baa.’”

This grandma is truly one brave woman with an incredible sense of humor. Watch her in action to rescue the sheep in the video below:

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