Cats are pretty strange critters. They are some of the most popular household pets, but that doesn’t chance the fact that they show some really strange behavior from time to time. They ignore the new bed their humans have got them and just use a cardboard box instead. If you’ve been around the internet for long enough, you might also have seen videos of them getting terrified by cucumbers! How does one explain such behavior?

Despite their weirdness, they do make excellent companions. They might not be as expressive about their affection like dogs are, but that doesn’t meant they don’t love their owners. In fact, they display their affection in their own way. From sitting on your keyboard right when you have to work to waking you up at an early hour every morning, it’s just their way to show their love.

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The kitty in this video, Boo, can’t tolerate being alone. He isn’t allowed in the bedroom, so every morning, he is eager to reunite with his owner. If they don’t wake up on time, he has a really surprising to ring their alarm! Every morning, this clever cat slides his paw below the door. He then reaches for the door stopper, and starts fiddling with it! As it swings all around, it makes enough sound to wake up everyone in the house.

Being woken up to the sounds of a ringing door stop might not be the best way to start a day, but knowing that your pet cat loves you and is raring to be with you certainly is a comforting thought!

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Check out this kitty in action below:

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