An elderly dog abandoned on the streets of Birmingham just days before Christmas last year is now “happy and healthy” after being rehomed with a new family.

Ten-year-old Molly-Moo, a German Shepherd cross mastiff, was found wandering the streets alone and emaciated last December.

She was caught by West Midlands Police who took her to the RSPCA and attempted to find her owners.

Molly-Moo had been left in a “pitiful state” and seemed “broken like she’d given up hope”. (RSPCA/PA)

“Molly was wandering along a busy, dangerous road and I believe she’d been dumped there by someone like rubbish,” said RSPCA inspector Stephen Lee.

“She was incredibly emaciated, with bones protruding, and had a bad, untreated skin condition.”

After tracing her microchip, police officers discovered that the elderly dog had been stolen six years earlier and her original owners were now unable to take her back.

Vets from the RSPCA’s Birmingham Animal Hospital put Molly-Moo on a special diet to help her put on weight and she was given treatment for her skin condition.

After six months of recovery, she was finally ready for a fresh start in a loving new home with fabricator welder John Bebbington and his family, from Leicester.

Mr Bebbington, his wife, Joanne, and his 15-year-old stepson, Harry, adopted Molly-Moo in June

“We lost our staffie after 13 years together and we weren’t really looking for another dog but, one day, we came across Molly-Moo’s photo online and we were all smitten,” Mr Bebbington, 55, said.

Mr Bebbington, his wife, Joanne, and his 15-year-old stepson, Harry adopted Molly-Moo in June but the process initially proved difficult.

“There was a lot of anxiety initially, she’d cry and manically look everywhere when we were out,” he said.

“Her skin was tough and rough like elephant skin, she stank and there were chunks of fur coming off all over the house.

“There were times when we thought: ‘What have we done?’ but then we remembered what someone had done to her and how she deserved a happy and healthy life.”

The family bathed Molly every day and kept her on top of her medication until she started to improve. (RSPCA/PA)

The family bathed Molly every day and kept on top of her medication until she started to improve.

Almost a year after she was first found, Mr. Bebbington said: “Now, she’s like a totally different dog… very happy, sweet-natured, and well-behaved.

“She’s an older girl but it doesn’t stop her bounding around through the grass and it’s an absolute joy to see.

“We can let her off the lead and she toddles around the park socializing with other dogs.

“I’ve definitely found a best friend for life and she has, too.”

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