We talk to our dogs most often without expecting any feedback from them in terms of speech. All they can do is to make facial expressions or physical movements and sounds to show their excitement. But can you imagine your dog talking or replying to everything you are saying? Oh! Many would have gone nuts about this perhaps thinking it’s some magic spell from a voodoo shop. Here is a video of a dog owner who made a voice-over clip that imitates every action of speech and excitement his dog had once he came home with a kitten. We all know that animals can’t speak our language but they can at least respond by producing a variety of interesting sounds.

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This one is very intriguing as the dog responds to everything the owner says about the new kitten he just brought home. It looks like they are having a human conversation and the dog can’t wait to see a new family friend from the pet store! Although you might have tried talking to your pet several times in your house could you imagine this would be possible? Take a look at the funny responses the dog gave while showing his excitement after receiving the good news!

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