Hope For Paws has always been one of the best animal rescue organizations in the US, and that’s been proven time and again. These guys can even put themselves in danger just to make sure an animal is safe. What they did to this dog family is especially inspiring!

It all happened during a great rain storm that hit Los Angeles. While everyone had a hard time coping, it’s this dog and her new puppies that had the hardest of times. Imagine a dog giving birth in a cold, lonely den right in the middle of a storm!

But fate has its way of bringing the pieces together. The cool guys from Hope For Paws showed up in time and found the canine family. They had been trying to rescue the dog for the last 3 months, but she didn’t trust them enough to let them in. On this occasion, she realized that they were actually the good guys. She finally let them into her fold.

They rescued them all in good health and took them in.

Watch the incredible rescue here :

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