True friendship never fades, true friendship never dies and love is said to be the strongest force in the universe. A dog named Meg came across a little bunny playing around the yard. At first, she never knew how they could interact but later on, Meg decided that size didn’t matter if they were to be friends.

Although the dog was a little confused, it didn’t stop her from saying hello to the tiny bunny and she would sniff around to draw his attention. It worked! Baby bunny wanted to learn something from his new friend and it didn’t take long before they started playing with each other.

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Venturing out in the yard, Meg decided to tag along as the tiny bunny led the adventure. He was so small that the dog had to follow carefully not to end their little fun or cause harm to their friendship. It would be awesome if Meg sticks around while the baby bunny grows up, just to make sure that everything is okay.

Check out the full video that shows how adorable these two friends play around the yard.


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