Halloween is lovely. People celebrate the popular festivity with various “scary” costumes designed to bring out the best of the mood of the season. It’s fairly common to run into your best friend dressed like a witch or some occult stuff. It’s all fun, but for this deer, this same Halloween turned into a real scary experience!

So it turns out that someone in the neighborhood of Ohio’s Anderson Township was creative enough to make a plastic pumpkin, but what they didn’t know was that a deer wasn’t aware of this fact.

When the deer showed up, it just grabbed the “pumpkin,” but things took a bad spiral when the poor creature couldn’t get its head off the pumpkin. To make it even worse, the thing had a handle that went around the deer’s head. The animal was stuck!

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For 4 days, the deer went without food and water. It struggled, but the people in the neighborhood tracked it down and tried to help. Indeed, they did help.

Watch the video below :

Community Rescues Deer With Pumpkin Stuck On Its Head

A community came together to rescue a deer with a plastic pumpkin stuck on its head. http://on-ajc.com/2z1Vvyc

Posted by CMG National News on Monday, October 30, 2017

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