It is so amazing for a female dog to give birth to a big litter just like how parents are happy when a baby is born. Puppies are adorable and always innocent-looking with their soft fur, big eyes, and cuddly nature. Professional dog owners and vets usually have a way of predicting the size of a dog’s litter, but is their guess always right? Let’s find out! Here is a video of a Dalmatian that just gave birth to newborns, probably regarded as the largest litter in her lineage. There are a few factors that usually affect the number of litter such as age, health conditions and nutrition.

Meet Miley, a Dalmatian that gave birth to 16 adorable spotted pups after a birthing process that seemed to take forever. This was the exact number the owner expected but was she right? Not at all, they were shocked to see two more newborns that popped out 14 hours later! Was this a miracle? It is quite unfortunate that no one knew this would happen but it just happened. Miley the Dalmatian just gave birth to 18 pups in total comprised of 12 sisters and 6 brothers.

But were the last two pups okay? Sure, they were all alive, healthy and happily feeding on their mother’s milk! Check out the video yourself and get a chance to see a proud mother of 18 cute puppies. They are just so amazing!

Take a peek at Miley’s adorable litter for yourself in the video below. They’re just too cute!

Break World Record, 19 Puppies were born in a single litter.


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