What this parrot is doing has suddenly gone viral over the internet!

This video was posted last Sunday on YouTube but since then, it has garnered more than 79,000 views. The parrot is seen entering a room and then all of a sudden is starts laughing uncontrollably.

You must be having a very cold heart if you watch this video without cracking up with laughter or smiling. Thanks to his owner who happened to be around and recorded this adorable moment, we have something to make us smile.

Lately, we have seen the various things that parrots are capable of and this video is worth the upload. Parrots are known to have that capability of imitating different sounds though I wonder how this one managed to mimic this one. Looks like he has an evil plan or is the next James Bond.

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If you’ve been looking for the best animal to have as a pet, then these kinds birds have everything you will need in one. These are intelligent animals who not only rely on mimicking but also have what it takes to choose the right time to share what they have in mind.

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