For some reason, people like to gauge how much they like an animal by how much it wants to be petted. That’s probably the not the best measure of relatability, but this little fish would pass with flying colors.

Last year, a group of divers were exploring off the Hawaiian island of Oahu when they came across a very curious little pufferfish. The adventurous fish swims in and out of the divers, accepting a few gentle touches.

At one point he appears to get a bit agitated – and puffy – and swims off, but then comes right back to say hello again.

According to the video description, the divers didn’t use food to attract him. “Just came up to us and wanted a little head scratch and a back massage,” they wrote.

Having intelligent interactions with fish isn’t uncommon, and frequent divers have even reported forming relationships with certain individuals. Videos like this only go to show how smart and playful – and underestimated – these curious creatures are.

You can watch the full video below.


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