A baby moose found himself in helpless situation when he suddenly fell into a lake and got trapped near it’s steep bank.

His mom, panicked, refused to leave her baby behind. But she couldn’t help her baby in any way.

So she stood by his side and waiting patiently in hope he could get himself out.

After awhile, it was apparent that he was getting nowhere fast.

Time passes by, and it looks more and more obvious that poor baby hasn’t a chance at all to make it out of the lake.

thankfully, a pair of fishermen was walking by when they noticed the struggling baby animal.

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They decided first not to intervene and wait to see if the baby moose and mama moose can figure it out on their own.

But after a while, they came back and realize that the poor baby was out of breath and the mama moose already left. So they decided to save the poor animal’s life.

Animal Rescue Site reports: Of course, they weren’t about to leave the calf struggling…

“We noticed that the calf was extremely exhausted, because the calf started to blow bubbles out of its nose,” the man wrote. “At that time, we figured it was safe to help.”

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It didn’t take long to hoist the young calf out of the water and into the fishing boat.

The poor little boy was scared at first, but he realized that these humans are trying to get him out of the lake, so he didn’t resist at all.

And he did good, because in short time, the fishermen had him safe and sound out of the lake and onto dry land.

The little guy turned and gave the fishermen a quick look and then ran after his mama. That was enough of a thank you for them.

Watch the full rescue in the video below.

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