As we all know, cops are always out to help anyone in need. But don’t get it twisted; When we say “anyone,” we don’t mean just humans, and this video will prove that. Get ready for a moment of happiness!

Turns out, cops are also good at helping animals. You see, police officers are trained on many things, from how to handle crowds to rescuing wary animals. That’s why Officer Holt couldn’t sit back and watch a trapped deer suffer. He had to take action!

Holt had received a call about the deer trapped in a fence, and he immediately knew what to do. He showed up at the scene “armed” with a blanket, and then he threw it over the deer’s head!

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You know, deer can be erratic if they perceive you a threat, and given the situation here, the animal was already getting restless when Holt arrived, so he had to “blind” it for a few seconds as he worked to get the creature’s head off the fence. It worked!

Watch the video below :

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