As the Budweiser Clydesdale stood in front of the audience for their performance, the people present were once again reminded of the creatures’ beauty and strength. One could feel the anticipation bubbling up among the watcher. Fortunately, one of them captured this entire incident from his camera!

With the background commentary from the announcer, the horses went on to follow the speaker’s voice–clip-clopping and sashaying from side to side. Their splendid sync would put dancers to shame.

The entire show was mesmerizing until they all suddenly collapsed on the ground. The audience watched in absolute horror. One of the women says “oh my god” so loudly that you could hear it across the room. Everyone rushed to help the poor creatures.

Fortunately, none of them was terribly hurt. They got back up after a few minutes. After a few of them were harnessed together, they made a great exit from the ground.

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The video was captured by one of the attendees. Do check it out.

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