Meet Kumbali and Kago, two very unique friends. Kumbali the Cheetah was the runt of his litter and wasn’t getting enough milk from his mother to survive, so the staff at the Metro Richmond Zoo decided to nurse him themselves. But they also knew the youngster needed a companion. Cheetahs are very sociable big cats and need company to thrive and not become anxious. The zoo found Kago, a lab mix who was rescued from a high-kill shelter in Alabama.

Cheetahs and dogs have been paired up together for nearly 30 years after zoos and sanctuaries discovered how beneficial it is for the cheetahs. The cheetah has a friend and companion to lean on in unfamiliar situations and has someone to socialize with. As you’ll see in the video below, Kumbali and Kago are now inseparable best friends!

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