Man Finds His Missing Dog Running Across Field

    There is nothing more upsetting to a dog owner than the idea of losing your beloved pooch. That’s exactly what happened to one man in Kansas when his dog, a black Labrador Retriever named Bo, went missing.

    The pooch slipped away in the wee hours of the night near the open fields of the family’s house in the midwest. When the family woke up the next morning and realized Bo was missing, they were very upset.

    They split up to look for the roving dog and asked neighbors if they saw Bo anywhere. Bo’s owner, Kyle Krier, got word that a dog matching Bo’s description was playing in a field about six miles away.

    As soon as Krier came upon the scene, he saw Bo running towards him, but Bo had a few buddies with him.

    The loveable Lab was out partying the night away and brought a few of his pals back with him to meet his family. Bo was hanging with a neighbor’s dog and goat! Named Ozzy and Libby, the naughty trio all hopped into Krier’s truck and prepared for the ride home.

    No one knows what mischief this trio got into, but you must see the video below when Krier sees a herd of animals running his way! If these animals could talk, what a story they could tell!

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