When you’re a good friend, you feel the urge to help your friends whenever they’re stuck in a difficult situation. That’s what this pack of dogs did to help their friend when he got himself into trouble. What they did was so incredible.

Two boys were wandering around an abandoned par when they spot the dogs coming their way. They noticed that the dogs were uneasy about something as they tried to lead them somewhere.

After hesitating a bit, the boys gathered their courage and decided to follow the dogs as they felt something was going on.

Soon after, the teens realized how one of the dogs’ friends found itself in trouble. The poor dog fell into one of the pools that were full of water because of the heavy rainfall that struck the city the previous day. The dog was desperately trying to get out but didn’t have any strength left.

The teenagers assumed how it spent a lot of time stuck in the pool judging from his condition. It was way too exhausted and frightened.

Luckily, the boys stepped to help the poor dog. Shortly after, they managed to get the dog out of the pool.

If it wasn’t for friends who tried to make the boys follow them, and the kind boys who saved him, who knows what would have happened to the dog in trouble.

We are happy that he is finally safe and sound and glad there are still people like these two boys who know that every life matters.

Watch the heartwarming rescue of the dog in the video below:

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