Growing up as a child, I loved the Little Bear Adventures book series. My mother used to teach to read the story of the cute cub. Since then, I got attracted to this hairy animal.

Even though they appear to be beautiful, they are harmful at their young age. But they are also as good as a teddy bear with their goofy tricks. However, they should be handled carefully when find in the forest. The animal in this video is an exceptional example of one residing in a watched environment at West Virginia’s Pont of view Farm. The sanctuary is a dwelling to some cubs such as this fox with three babies and three cute fawns.

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When one cub was brought to one of the young fawns, Joel Rosenthal, a biologist, captured the beautiful moment. The hairy boy looks perplexed by the unique new critter at first. While standing up with his back legs, he walks slowly to inspect her beautiful area.

She waits with patience for the fawn to snuffle around her. After a moment, Boog gives the fawn a kiss. An indication he has fallen for her.

I can’t think of the many amazing moments that the animal caretakers see. This is like a Disney movie.

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