The white and fluffy nature of snow can be amazing to look at when you see people skiing while they showcase their unique skills to Mother Nature. But can you imagine yourself being covered and trapped in snow? That’s a little scary, right? Of course, no one would want to be in such a situation but accidents do happen and you will need all the help you can get to be free. This video shows a boy who was rescued by an Avalanche dog after being buried in snow during one of their adventures.

During these moments, all that anyone would wish for is a symbol of hope. You will be longing for something to keep you alive and a comforting voice to whisper in your ears that “everything will be okay”. Have you ever thought of taking your last breath and never seeing your friends and family once again? So sad folks but this boy had to go through all that before the Avalanche rescue dog found him in time. The crowd that had gathered around all this time was hoping for a sign that the boy was still alive. The most interesting part is that this dog never gave up on his mission and would do everything to make sure that the trapped scout would see his friends and family once again.

Watch the full video to see if the dog was successful on the rescue mission.

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