It’s only natural for us, as humans, to feel drawn towards animals. We love to give our affection and support to these wonderful, innocent creatures. We’re not the only ones on this Earth, however, that reach out to protect suffering animals.

Sometimes, other animals want to save those in desperate need of help.

One day, a passerby stumbled across this heartwarming scene in the street. A puppy, which seemed to be a newborn, was abandoned in the cold. His mother was nowhere to be found and the freezing temperatures would surely kill him.

Thankfully, a kind-hearted goose stepped in to save the day.

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She saw the puppy was shivering in the cold, and like any loving mother, went to the baby’s side immediately. The goose tucked the poor pup into her downy feathers to share her body heat, then stretched her big wings around him to shield him from the cold. Nestled in her down, the tiny orphan fell asleep.

At first glance, the person who discovered this unlikely pair thought the goose was attacking the puppy. But upon closer inspection, it seemed mama was simply cuddling him close. She was even seemingly stroking the pup with her beak.

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This puppy and goose were as different as can be, but that didn’t stop them from forming a loving bond in a desperate time of need. Humans could take a few tips from animals; they don’t judge or hesitate to show their love. We should all aspire to be like this mother goose and help those in need!


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