When it comes to Dogs having a great time, you will be amazed to learn that part of that great time may be in antagonizing cats. For some reason, dogs do not get along with cats. There are special cases where they have been brought up in the same home. In those special cases, as we have seen before, they get along pretty well and even play together. In most of the other cases, dogs will just act furious when a cat shoes up. They will then chase it round and the only thing that is able to save the cat is a tree or a roof.

Once a cat is able to climb onto a tree, the dogs are able to leave the cat because they cannot climb a tree. I always wonder what would happen if the dogs would climb trees as well. Maybe we would not have had the cat species because the dogs would have eaten them all.

In the video below, we see cats having a civilized time together. When a dog shows up, their world literally goes to the dog.

Watch the video below :

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