If you’re familiar with donkeys, then you’ll know that newborn little ones tend to just fall over and take a nap whenever and wherever they feel like. That’s what started when Elvis the little donkey was born. At just 2 weeks of age, Elvis had already started sleeping in all the odd places in the compound.

Well, if the owner thought Elvis was sleeping in odd places, he hadn’t really known “odd.” That’s until the day he woke up to find Elvis missing. He decided to walk around the property looking for him. Turns out, he couldn’t find him. He looked in all the possible corners that a little 2-week-old donkey was prone to sleeping in, but all to no avail. Now that was odd!

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The owner decided to get back to the house, and that’s when it got really odd. He found the donkey sleeping in the front couch!

He had to record this! He grabbed a camera and captured the sleeping donkey.

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