Ever seen a horse with the famous Medicine Hat? If not, you might be wondering what I’m talking about, but you’ll be amazed by this video of a little horse with that good gift of beauty. It’s breath-taking!

Ever since the historical times in Native America, a horse born with such beauty was considered a divine gift. Armies believed that any soldier riding such a horse was protected from injuries in battle. This kind of horse was considered a source of good luck!

Now, in this video, you’ve this horse with the Medicine Hat. Coconut is beautiful. The human parents took her mom to a safe place far away from the other big horses so she could be born safely, but that wasn’t to last for too long. A smart horse has to greet the world at some point, right?

That’s exactly what’s happening in this cool video right here. Coconut is now making her debut into the world, running around and greeting the other bigger horses in style. You’ll love her charisma.

See how the bigger guys are impressed and amazed by her beauty!

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