1. This loyal companion:

2. This beach bum:

3. This child-loving chimp:

4. And this little rascal:

5. This wild goat:

6. This dramatic horse:

"lol no."

7. This helpful four-legged fiend:

8. And this one:

9. This toboggan-snatchin’ Frenchie:

10. These mischievous monkeys:

11. This cow on a tear:

12. This jolly kangaroo:

"hahaha #pranked!"

13. And this bikini biter:

14. This cheetah, who is so over you tourists:

15. This killer swan:

16. And this flirty camel:

17. This not-so-gentle elephant:

18. This macho AF pelican:

19. And finally, this asshole cat with a plan:


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