Luxury dog bowls are a must-have nowadays, the stainless steel bowls shouldn’t be around any longer! Spending a lot of time with your beloved dogs makes you want to please them in the smallest details. Dogs eat quite a lot and they need a seamless and comfortable luxury feeding station.

These beautiful designer dog bowls are perfect for your four-legged lovers, be it for water or for some delicious food (you know, the one they finish in 5 seconds…)

Some prices may be high for food bowls but they are not your regular plastic or metallic dog bowl, these are high-quality, fashionable and state-of-the-art food and water dog bowls designed for your pets with a lot of effort, care and attention to details throughout the whole process.

We have a bonus bowl at the end… do not miss it! And make sure you check our review of the best collapsible dog travel bowls.

1. Pioneer Pet Raindrop Pet Fountain

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2. Unleashed Life Baroque Collection

3. PetFusion Elevated Pet Feeder

4. Unleashed Life High-Rise Nickel

5. Alessi Lula Dog Bowl by Miriam Mirri

6. Unleashed Life Porcelain Collection

7. Hartman & Rose Fine Porcelain Bowl

Catchy! The Hartman & Rose food and water bowl is the epitome of the minimalistic chic for dogs. This canine bowls collection made of fine porcelain china is stamped with series and year, and branded with the Hartman and Rose crest on the inside.

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8. Platinum Pets Deluxe Double Diner Stand

9. WETNoZ Ultra Big Pooch Dog Dish

10. Dogit Design Elevated Diner Bowl for Dogs

Blending in nicely in a variety of home settings, this classy 2-in-1 dog dish with wood finish pattern will firmly stay in place kudos to the non-slip rubber base. This eye-catching DOGIT feeding station is dishwasher-safe and its inner bowls can easily be removed for refilling or washing.

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11. Heyrex Water Bowl for Dogs


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