Holly the black Labrador Retriever loves spending time with her boyfriend, Harry, a Golden Retriever who lives next door. And it seems the feeling is mutual because recently Harry was caught on video paying Holly a late night visit and he brought her a gift!

Holly’s family shared the cute clip on Instagram, writing: “My boyfriend came to visit me last night for a date and brought me something special.”

Harry is seen on the doorbell camera approaching the front door. He’s carrying a ball in his mouth and his tail is wagging. He looks expectantly at the door, hoping to see his girlfriend soon. And when the door opens, Holly darts out and the two start happily playing.

Holly’s owner, also shared the clip and said of the video, “”My pup’s boyfriend lives next door, and tonight he came for a date and to give her a present. My heart is so full right now and now the ball goes everywhere with her.”

At first Holly’s family didn’t know why Holly was crying at the door. “We didn’t know why she was crying at the front door! So my brother ran down the stairs and opened the door to Harry! It was so adorable.” Holly’s owner wrote .

Watch the sweet moment in the video below:

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Harry and Holly have been have been best friends for a long time. “They’ve been together since we brought her home 7 years ago!” She wrote.

“He usually comes and gets her during the day, so when he came at night we were so confused!” she added. “And best part, they have sleepovers too.”

People were wondering if the video was staged, but Holly’s mom reassures everyone she was as surprised as everyone else. “Not staged at all lol my heart is so full! If you listen when my brother opens the door I’m in complete shock and I didn’t believe it.”

Another cute thing to know about Holly is that she loves collecting money in exchange for treats. “Fun fact, Holly went viral a couple years ago, from buying her treats with money, now she has over like $150 to her name,” says proud mom.

Here’s a video of her viral antics.

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